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The Quantum Difference Economic Model


Our goal and motive is to answer two questions.

1. How to allow the most people earn the most money in the shortest period of time with the fewest personally enrolled affiliates?

2. How to allow the most people earn the most money long term, with the largest number of customers?


These two seem to be opposite of each other, which is why it is a challenge to realize both. 

A Quantum Economic Problem Needs A Quantum Economic Solution






The History of Compensation


The Quantum Economy


The Necessity of A 3D Model




What does the 3rd Dimension have to do with Quantum Compensation?



The challenge is in how we have been trained to think and see. Most compensation plans are binairy - which means 2 dimensions. That is contrary to nature; everything that exists and functions has three dimensions. (Imagine drinking out of a 2-dimensional glass, or eat a 2-dimensional apple). 

Leonardo DaVinci - an ackowlegded genius - said, "Anyone who does not base his inventions by observing nature is a fool."


What we need is a "Quantum Different" view of compensation and bring it in the real 3-Dimensional world. We need to learn to think and see in 3-Dimensions.



Welcome to the 3rd Dimension -

We're Going Where No One Has Gone Before


Imagine . . .

3D Cubes, not binary legs. It is a totally new way of viewing how a compensation model works. But, when you stop for a moment and think about it, it starts to make perfect sense.

Nothing in our universe that we can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch could function if it was not 3-Dimensional. Which means that any model that is not based on on three dimensions does not work. (It can't.)


To make it truly 3-dimensional it needs addition, multiplication, AND Dominion.

It is the only way to get to Infinity Production Payfields.

Our model is the only model in the world, and in the history of commission where you can earn in 3 Dimensions.


The 1st Dimension is where you earn on your own personal production (the Dimension of Addition.)




The 2nd Dimension is where you earn on five Unilevels of the production of the people that you refer (the Dimension of Multiplication)


The 3rd Dimension is where you earn on our Seven 3-Dimensional Payfields (the Dimension of Dominion.) This dimension opens up the moment that you have your third affiliate, your 1st Infinite Payfield is created. When one of your personal referred affiliates has their third affiliate your 2nd Infinite Payfield is open. Etc., until you earn on Seven Infintive Payfields.

  • Your first payfield is a 3D cube with an unlimited number of affiliates and customers.
  • Your second payfield is a 3D cube with an unlimited number of first cubes.

These Infinity payfields create a Quantum Field where each New Cube is larger than all previous payfields combined.


Cubes within Cubes within Cubes . . . 

This is how it looks like



Imagine . . . 


Affiliates can earn all of the commissions for orders placed in their team without having to purchase their own. In other words, they do not have to be customers themselves. 


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The Quantum Difference





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