Quantum3 Test Results




 Life is IN the Blood

The key to your health is the quality of life in your blood, and how much quantum life is in your blood, and how fast quantum life can be transferred into your bloodstream 

Just imagine – an 81 year-old-woman, whose blood hardly moves, which indicates very low oxygenation. You are watching worn out, tired blood. Just a few minutes of wearing the Q3 band, her blood undergoes a transformation, the cells start to flow fast and freely, which indicate cells that are high in oxygen. Notice the dramatic change - you have just watched blood turn happy and vital within a few minutes.




Quantum3 Test Results

Over the past 12 years the Q3 Technology has been tested through a variety of parameters, that are acknowledged indicators of physiological stress.  Each one of these tests showed the restoring impact of the QTechnology on the individual's body, reducing the physiological stress. Several of these results also showed the negative impact of cellphones on the body, and the protective properties of the Q3 Technology. 


The following tests have been done :




The following physiological parameters have been found to be positively responding to the Q3 Technology (being the sole intervention done.)

  • improved blood flow
  • increased ability to hydrate
  • increased oxygenation
  • reversing biological cell age (rejuvenation)
  • activating muscle mass
  • reduced body fat %
  • core temperature
  • reduced physiological stress 
  • increased energy/strength/endurance
  • reduce energy blockages
  • decreased negative impact from cellphones/emf's


All these changes were observed within 1-30 minutes after applying the Q3 Technology.

Note: These are not medical tests, they have not been done to diagnose any medical health condition. These empirical proven results.