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Welcome to the HALO Portal Page for Specific Information about
The HALO Botanical Systems, the HALO Delivery Devices, and the HALO Quantum Technology. 




Four HALO Botanical Delivery Systems



 Quantum Essentials 


"The Essential Nutrients" Series is the system of choice for
maintaining homeostasis and wellbeing.



Quantum Restoration


"The Restoration" Series is the system of choice for
a broad spectrum of health issues. 







Quantum Longevity


"The Longevity" Series is the system of choice for
life-threatening cellular malfunctions.


  Quantum Beauty 


"The Beauty" Series is the system of choice to provide nutrition for beauty care and anti-ageing.





Each of the above botanical delivery systems can be purchased as a complete kit, with carrying case, delivery light device and the system vials.
Additional vials from the other two botanical systems can be added to the kit or be purchased separately at any time.

To purchase additional vials call us or send a ticket

"The Essential Nutrients" and "The Esthetics" System are available with a discount.




Two HALO Delivery Devices




The HALO Pro light is the delivery device for personal use and by professionals such as chiropractors, estheticians, naturopaths, and other small operations professionals.




The HALO Max delivery device is the most powerful light device in our product line. It is our answer to the demand from the professional and intensive personal user. 




Both the Pro and the MAX can be purchased with each of the botanical systems. 



The HALO Quantum Technology


HALO Light


The Energy of Life is Light


The HALO Light Device is the hardware to deliver Quantum Life in the botanicals into your cells.


HALO Water


The Substance of Life is Water


The HALO Double Helix water structure is the perfect storage structure to create living water.


HALO Botanicals


The Nutrition of Life is Plants


The HALO Botanicals are the "software," the harmonic frequencies that your body needs




The HALO Quantum Technology combines all three elements into one complete system,

which is exponentially greater than the sum of the parts.


The energy of light is multiplied in water,

And this multiplication continues exponentially with light and water nurturing the plants.




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More About HALO


What is Quantum Nutrition


Quantum Nutrition is lightyears beyond
the physical substance of food and supplements.


The History of the HALO 


The history of the HALO technology,
how the vials systems were invented and developed.








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